Advantages of Rotary Vane Engine Generator (Galin Engine):

- Simple design. There are no crankshaft and camshaft, there are no valves. It comprises only two moving (rotating) parts. Therefore, the device is reliable and requires little maintenance costs.

- There are no direct mechanical interactions between the surfaces of the device parts;  such  interaction is present only in shaft bearings. It means less friction loss and alleviates problems of lubrication and thermal loads.

- A changeable compression ratio makes it possible  to set the optimum mode for maximum performance with reduced emissions for various fuels.

- There is reason to assert that in the Rotary Vane Engine conditions for complete combustion of fuel are better observed, making the machine environmentally cleaner when compared with conventional piston engines. According to the Le Chatelier-Braun principle, the process of fuel combustion in a confined volume that releases heat and increases pressure is stimulated by an increase in volume, as an increase in volume causes pressure to decrease. In the Rotary Vane Engine, the volume of the power stroke chamber increases at a greater rate than in a comparable reciprocating piston machine. This fact inspires confidence that the combustion of fuel in a Rotary Vane Engine will be more complete, and hence that operation of this machine will bring less harm to the natural environment.